Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Of course my vacation couldn’t go without at least one of my renowned wildlife experiences.
This time, my visitor came from within the water itself. What a beautiful creature and what a unique approach, although I admit I kept my unfaltering distance.
Luckily enough, it was only a very short visit that lasted about an hour (before dissapearing) but it still prevented me from swimming freely in the water from that moment and on until the rest of the day. I didn't even get the chance to bond with her like I wanted too..
Oh well, farewell my dear Medusae..
Here’s the video capture!

More natural Canvas'




View from binoculars

The return...

Well I’m back.
A couple of weeks by the sea have certainly done wonders for me.
And no, I’m not talking about my suntan, but rather the peace of mind that I actually managed to obtain. All worries left behind, not the least bit of stress or anxiety, were the principal attributes to my successful rejuvenation. And all it took from my side in order to achieve this, was simply the use of some selective thinking or shall I call it selective amnesia of anything negative in my mind. Either way, that worked for me exactly like I wanted it not to mention at a time I needed it most. I’m not really sure if there’s such a thing as a mid-year crisis, but it seems I might have been going through a tough one in 2006.
It was a nice escapade while it lasted but as we all know, vacations don’t last forever.
My summer holidays seem to be over for the moment although one can never predict some spontaneous weekend getaways that may occur from time to time.. and to be quite honest I’m hoping and really looking forward to something like that.

Having recharged my batteries to their fullest, I’m now back and ready to move on and face whatever is out there.
I know I’ll miss a few things that I grew accustomed to, such as the sea’s lullaby with the waves breaking on the coast which was putting me to sleep every night, but as they say “time heals” so I guess I’ll get over it sometime.

PS: The picture above is just a sample of a natural canvas that I dedicated hours and hours observing.

More pics coming soon…

Thursday, August 10, 2006

On a night like this

There are legends. There are myths. There are a million stories told. Though, till today, nothing captured the magic influence of a full moon night. As I am standing still, watching with awe the biggest moon of the year, I 'm wondering... how a planet so far away from us can "play" with our moods. How we 're reacting more emotional and less rational. How do we let our feelings flow inside of us, uncontrollable... feeling every vein carries the emotional weight. Maybe we are more a part of a bigger universe than we normally use to think. Maybe there is another planet somewhere, among the chaotic universes, thats controlling other aspects. Maybe there is a place where despair dies and reincarnates as hope. Where our tears are watering blossoming flowers. Where the pain is drowning in an endless ocean of joy. It could be the moon... , maybe the human feelings overflowed the inner core of the planet.
Otherwise how can someone explain the craters were created if nothing ever erupted?

Friday, August 04, 2006

40C and rising

I know I've flooded this blog with heat related posts in the past, but I think it's worth mentionning that I can actually fry an egg in no time just by placing it anywhere under the sun. Talking about energy saving.
Current outside temperature in Athens: 41C degrees under shadow.
Edited: when posting this temperature update, I came across a news update on TV about the weather conditions in South Africa. I guess Toto could have re-written their song lyrics with "I bless the snow down in Africa". And even though Cape Town is only a 5 hour plane trip from Athens, just thinking about it can be a very refreshing thought.

Guilty as "charged"

It began as an idea and now it's official, i 'm a team member (with the honor to be the first) on this blog. Blog means sharing and that's what i 'm planning to do here, share ideas, artworks, opinions and everything else that 'll come up. But the most important is sharing another aspect with the "leader" of the team : ) and hope everyone else who is qualified and stands up take a position here, publishing or commenting.
I don't believe in chances, i think that everyone creates the cirqumstances that later will be called luck. So I 'm suggesting... take your chance, charge yourself, be creative, let us and the world hear you. Who knows, maybe there's still a "chance" to believe in "luck" : )
It's nice to be here...

My very first Quantum team member

As they say, the more the merrier, so I've decided to add my very first team member in my blog.
Ion will be assisting me in posting from now on.
More team members will follow as well as many more interesting changes coming up.
Keep posted

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Human rights lesson # 1

It really isn't that deep if you think about it.
All it takes is some simple logic along with some human behavior and state of mind.
So why this ignorance?
Is there a so called civilized evolution in 2006 or are we still living in the dark ages?
Simple questions but no answer.
Here's a link to what I'm saying although I have started to lose faith and credibility in this organization UN Human Rights

I wonder if we'll ever have an international criminal tribunal for Israel for all those war crimes.

100 and going

A milestone for quantum! The number 100 was reached by its visitors and me being the 100th! Celebrating this occasion, the administrator of the blog gave me the chance to write a post so let’s get the wishes rolling first! Hope seeing more creative thoughts like the ones we’ve seen and we’ll keep on reading with our eyes wide open.
Call it pure luck : ) or just plain coincidence but i just read that scientists around the world are experimenting on a new technology called "ion trap" using electric and magnetic fields to isolate a charged particle from its environment which is prerequisite for exploiting the temperamental "quantum" properties. Me being just a humble "ion", "trapped" on my own will, take part on this, kind of different, experiment of expressing thoughts and help them transfer around the globe, hopefully achieving a universal force of feelings. A force that could take a form of life, charging the ions that everyone has inside and make them glow bright. Making our souls glow bright in hundreds and thousands of colors and being seen through the universe.
I 'm planning to stick around and contribute on this effort, by reading and posting comments. So, let’s get ionized and create another dimension. For more information on the scientific aspect of things please check iontrap

Posted by Ion