Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Time "after" Time

Spring moves forward, fall steps back is one of the most commonly used expressions to remind us of the daylight saving time every year. Then again, I’ve always used a more humble “less sleep in spring, more sleep in fall” note as a personal reminder to the time change which I’m sure you’ll agree is the main issue for most of us. And although that precious hour that’s taken from us is generously given back to us in the fall, I’m still having a hard time adjusting, not to mention reacting, to my unfriendly alarm clock every morning. Had it not been for the important environmental contribution in energy saving DST is offering, (at least as far as the northern hemisphere is concerned) I don’t think that I would have ever compromised. Having no other choice, 2 alarm clocks, a refreshing shower and a strong cup of coffee and may the day begin!