Thursday, November 22, 2007

Interstellar Leaps

Confusing title, I know.
But not any less than what's going on right now!
I will try to keep it short for you though and give it my best shot!
I've neglected this blog in someway, I admit that much!
And I say "this" Blog because I've been recently blogging in my new blog.
So I've been swapping back and forth lately and that's what I'll probably be doing from now on.
You can catch up with me anytime though provided of course you understand the language.
For all of my friends from abroad and all of the english speaking visitors, please bare with me!
I will however try to give you a juicy and satisfying update of my hectic last weeks in the days to come followed by a short break while I'm away on vacation, and then back again.
Now now, don't be nonchalant about it, I still have a little something for you in this post.
Here are few snapshots from my short break in Mykonos island this last weekend especially for you.
TC to all