Monday, October 29, 2007

This and that

Ok, so.. where was I.. in terms of what's going on these days..
Right, well, a busy couple of weeks considering I had to deal with 1. my birthday (and I say deal because I had the usual suspects planning another surprise party which I finally managed to prevent.. but still celebrated ;-)) 2. work, as things have been drastically changing/evolving 3. planning my upcoming trip abroad 4. working on my new blog (that I will announce once it's ready)..

oh well let's just say that I didn't get bored :)

More to come, much more.. stay tuned


MAD said...

I'm just tryin 2 figure out the relationship that binds you and the outter Europe countries. I'm close 2 conclude that you studied in a foreign country, and if so, I wanna let you know that I'm not totally Greek, but just in my 1 quartile. I just work in Greece and live here 4 just 4 years and I will be happy to know that there is someone more like me out there, blogging to fly away from this shity crap/hell of Greece LOL

I'm placin you among my links ;-)

S said...

Hello again and thanks for your comments :)
The truth is that I've lived half of my life in a foreign country..
I have however adapted to the Greek way of living just like I would in any country I guess.
No regrets really, the trick is to remain ourselves no matter where we live in, not necessarily having to fit in with the majority.
Thx for adding me

dokisisofi said...

hmmm "having to deal with my birthday".....
oh God...every year that passes by,is leaving as behind staring at the black hole of our enormous stupidity! becoming mature is a painfull procedure, especially when our patient ego wont cooperate...
nice to meet u2 :P

S said...

@ dokisisofi, Signed! well said!
Thx for your comment and nice meeting u 2

Cinestef said...

What's been happening ever since then?